Monday, May 25, 2009

my blog is becoming a library...


It just happens that i'm reading a lot these days, no wonder why my blogs are mostly book reviews here and there.

Well, since i have nothing much to do while I'm having my short break after my summer class and before the new academic year opens its door, i think reading is the only thing that would keep me occupied and alive (of course, Internet is an exception).

And since i also brought home my newly bought books, i have no choice but to finish reading them. So now, I'm up for another book, er, books actually. I started on Boy Still Missing by John Searls and Some Kind of a Hero by Donna Hay, and i found both a little boring based on their introductions. So I put them down.

And now, I'm reading Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn again (from Little, Brown Book Group)Just some sort of a light reading with a brush of romance and thrill to shake my mind away from the previous mystery stories I recently got. I'm back to the fifth chapter, i guess. But even though i already know what would happen next, i still can't help myself from reading Edward and Bella's sweet conversation of love. Oh how sweeeeeeet!
I just love 'em.

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