Sunday, May 24, 2009

a few hours ago: finished reading Organize Your Corpses

I finished reading this book by Mary Jane Maffini after i think 3 days of noncontinuous browsing through it. At first, it was really boring and slow-paced. So i decided that i will read it for the sake of finishing this one. It is understandable since she's just new in the scene. Well, I just bought it because i trust its publication - the Berkley Prime Crime Publishing House. This publication also publishes for some other authors that i love like Nero Blanc (one of my favorites) and Charlaine Harris.

The story of Charlotte Adams, a professional organizer, as she was used by her former teacher, Ms. Helen "Hellfire" Henley, was really a conspiracy and one of great planning.

Despite the boring introduction, the story got hot when the twists began to boggle my mind. As i suspected it to be, the prime suspect of all the mysteries and killings would be the one you would never, never expect. This is why i really adore Berkley Mystery publications. And yet, it still made me shocked of the real persons behind the plot of evens that made Charlotte's life miserable. But even if Pepper (her used-to-be bestfriend) made things a lot worse, through the help of her best buddies, Sally and Jack, plus Lilith, Ms. Rose, Truffle and Sweet Marie, she was able to surpass all the accusations and intrigues thrown onto her.

I guess, all the spice and excitement was locked on the last 4 chapters of this book. It was fired with rush and the thrill that i've been waiting for. Hellfire blew her cover at this point. She indeed concealed her identity very well. And she's really a BITCH because of that (excuse my language please)!

But, it was still a nice read...
But not as nice as the ones i previously had.

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