Friday, May 15, 2009

done with physics a perfect score for it!!!

Sa wakas natapos din...
We made "something" out of straws and put a fresh egg in it.
The experiment was done a few hours ago.. during my English class, that's why i wasn't able to really see what happened. ='(
But after the class, i saw Sir Ian and asked for the grade of our group.
He said we got a perfect score...

The experiment was like this:

"Save the Egg Project"
(Egg drop)
  • The egg will be placed inside our "creations."
  • It will first be dropped from the 2nd flood of a building and will be checked whether the poor egg survived the fall.
  • If there were no cracks, it will proceed to the next stage... a fall from the 3rd floor.
  • If the egg still remain uncracked, the group would be given a passing grade.
  • Plus, the construction and design of the "creation" will have respective points as well...
Di kami nanalo sa design... they said the other class got this award. Anyways, at least natapos na... no more problems... Exam na lang sa Lunes... right after makabalik ng Sunday from Sagada...

Exhausting summer.... indeed!

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