Thursday, May 14, 2009

as i quote Sir Popoy....

I'm really enjoying my summer classes (excluding the fact of the frequent rains).
I'm learning so much and i love it...!
I became more active and felt less nervous when it's my turn to answer some random questions even though most of the time I'm not really sure of what to say.
Like what Popoy said on the 23rd of April,

"Force yourself to think.
I know you have the answer,
you just have to let it out."

He said this when no one wanted to raise his hand to answer Sir's question. I wrote these words on my filler and read them every time I'm feeling confused.

Yeah, I guess we know the answer to most of the questions that we frequently ask ourselves or some of which that are asked by others unto us. We are just afraid of being wrong or by the concept of rejection once we utter our answers. Maybe we are just confused of what we know and what we feel. We are just confused; on the edge of self-denial. This makes things difficult for the people around us as heavily as how we sink unto them.

Maybe we just have to push ourselves more - to have more courage; to know when it's time to cross the bridge.
Our existence is accompanied by a lot of risks and doubts... we just have to know if it's the right and moral thing to continue with the current... and to keep on fighting for whatever is important to us.

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