Wednesday, December 23, 2009

back to the place where i belong...


I'm home and I'm home....

And I wanna be home forever...

Ain't nothing can stop me from coming back!

Lemme enjoy this Christmas break....

(kahit ngayon lang)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

birthday blessing

Oh..the last time i blogged was the 1st of this month...and we're going midway now...

Well...many things happened but i just want to share the most important things that occurred.


Well, i didn't actually had a plan of celebrating my birthday that's why I decided to join my organization (Economics Society) for an outreach program at Shepherd of the Hills Children Foundation at Camp 7, Baguio City.

The children over there were either orphans or the ones whom their parents are unable to raise anymore. This is a safe and nice place for them.

This project was a joint project of EconSoc and ISIP (Integrated Students in Psychology). We brought some food and played some games to make the most out of this event.

And after that tiring but memorable experience, we went to McDo and had some Sundaes and Fries... It was indeed a day worth remembering.

Before the day ended, my mom and my brother had a surprise visit for me. We went out that night and watched the fireworks display at SM. Then my mom cooked some food for me and my friends at my boarding house as a post-birthday celebration..

So so nice!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December forever!!!!

First day of December…the month I love the most.
Along the this month’s influx are the events that I’ve been waiting for and wishing to be celebrated with nothing but pure excitement and fun. Among these occasions are:

December 3 [tentative date]
(signaled by the lighting ceremony and a short program early in the night at the Oblation grounds)

December 18
(the program that starts from a school parade which turns out to be a Session Road and the city district invasion; the anticipated OBLATION RUN; fireworks display night; teacher’s performance – where most of our professors perform like you’ve never seen them before; banda performances all night; and party like there’s no tomorrow! Well, words wouldn’t really be enough.)

December 12

(Hmmm…. I just love the date. But I’m at the point where I’m starting to hate myself from growing older. Yeah, I know it’s inevitable but I think I just don’t feel like my age. I’m turning 19 and there’s still so much to do, so much to learn, so much to try, so much to keep an eye on. I’m too old for parties nevertheless I’m not game on having one either. I just want to relax. Totally. I want to go home but I guess my schedule in school won’t give even a ray of light for this. So it would be enough for me granted this day would be free from any kind of worries – academic or whatsoever. I simply want this day to be happy.)

December 16-24
(Unfortunately since I’ve been to college, I wasn’t able to complete the simbang gabi anymore - primarily because during these times, sleep late at night because of tons of schoolwork given to us. Plus the fact that it’s so, so cold here in Baguio during this month, given that masses are held at dawn. But now, I will try to rise from my bend and see if I can complete it again this year.)

December 25
(One of the happiest days of the year – the birthday of Jesus. Well, iba ang Pasko sa Pilipinas eh. Noong bata pa kami, of course, mas marami pang handa kasi we still had relatively less expenses by those times. Eh ngayon, 3 kaming nasa college tapos Grade VI yung bunso. But we still keep our best in celebrating this day with a brighter attitude year after year. We’re just happy with the fact that we are always complete during this day. And that is one thing to be thankful about.)

I’m sure that this would be a busy month for a junior like me as well. Maraming requirements na tatapusin before the Christmas break. But I hope I can manage myself good enough. Kaya kailangang magsipag. Kailangan ding magtipid kasi time for gift-giving (though it’s not the value of the gift that would matter, it would still be the thought of giving).

Sana, di na lang matapos ang month na ‘to. Well, just praying that this month will be filled with joy. Naturally, di mawawala ang pressure in the things that we are doing but I hope that the outcomes would compensate the hard work and every bead of sweat sacrificed on those things. And looking forward to a better new year ahead.