Friday, June 26, 2009

Robert Pattinson shoots "Remember Me"

What keeps Edward,... oooopss... Tyler, I mean, busy lately?

It's his upcoming movie "Remember Me."
And he's still hot as ever!
(But sometimes i feel he's not actually that cute... just the bandwagon effect.)

Rob still looks rather relax for someone who was just attacked by a mob of screaming fans last week and later hit by a taxi. On no!!!!

Street fight scene.... Ouch!

Seems like his role here is far too serious from his role as my Edward. Now, he's shooting at the urban side in the New York set... very much different from the cold and unlikely weather in Forks. Haha....

Go Rob!!!
Make this movie another hit!

Remember Me? Oh sure, I always remember you... even in my dreams!

(Pictures from omg!)

goodbye Michael Jackson....

It's a shocking news indeed.
We woke up and the news that the King of Pop already passed away buzzed all over. He died at the age of 50... obviously he doesn't look that old and you already know why.

-in his early years-

-so feminine looking-

-so....hmmmm... I dunno.. haha..peace MJ!-

-looks like he's wearing a mask here-

Well, life goes on for me. I'm not a fan of his and I'm not actually affected by his death. I don't even know why I'm blogging this despite the known fact that all of us will perish someday somehow. That is just the uncertainty of it. We don't know when and why and how exactly. But we surely have our own chances of meeting him (if we like to). But hopefully not now. And not even soon.

my schedule this sem...

This is my first time to have a regular semester class on a Saturday morning. Actually, it's from 9am to 12 noon. We'll be sitting at CSS 203 for 3 hours listening to the lessons on Monetary Economics (Econ 121). The good this is that our professor is Prof. Ben Tapang.

We has our first class last week and I think it was good. Sir Ben already retired
around 2 years ago but he returned due to insistent academic demand. (Wala kasing ibang available to teach this course, in short, there are no other applicants as he said.)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my classes are:

  • Econ 106 (Mathematical Economics) 8:30-10:00 am
  • Psych 180 (Social Psychology) 10:00-11:30 am
  • Hum 1 (Reading Literature) 1:00-2:30 pm.
On Wednesdays and Fridays, my classes are:

  • MS 11 (Media Studies) 11:30-1:00 pm
  • Econ 141 (International Economics) 1:00-2:30 pm
As you can see, I only spend 3 hours of classes on Wednesdays and Fridays which gives me a lot of time to do something more (except for these first weeks of the semester where we spend much of our time queuing in the library just to have volumes of readings to be photocopied.)

This is why a few moments ago, I decided to submit an application letter as a student assistant in our college. I'm hoping to earn additional income as an extra allowance. I hope I would be hired.

I believe I can still manage my studies despite being "employed" as one.

Please pray for me. Haha...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

i miss the Net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After arriving here at Baguio last Monday afternoon, this is the first time that i was able to use the Internet! I just can't imagine this!!

When i was at home, I used to face the net longer than doing anything else.


I got no option but to go in a net cafe or use the limited net in our school!!!



Mass at the Baguio Cathedral just ended.....
Be back home after this...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Babalik na ba ako ng Baguio?

Dahil sa extended na bakasyon, lalo tuloy ako tinamad bumalik ng school...
Got spoiled by everything here:
  • the food
  • internet
  • laundry
  • sleep
  • books
  • unlimited time...

I'm sure I'll be missing all of these once I set foot on Baguio again.
Hoping to get close with the new housemates easily...
and hoping for my subjects not to give me additional burden during my stay....

These I pray before I go to sleep tonight.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

registered voter na ako...=)

wala lang...dapat last week pa..
namove ng namove hanggang kaninang before lunch lang ako makapagregister...

may sinagutan lang na 3 sheets ng paper for info..tapos picture...tapos finger prints///

and voila!

haha...mabilis lang..

and i'm not actually what i'm feeling about it...
well, sabi nga...AKO ANG SUMULA...haha...
just making sure i'm doing my little part...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Police cousin dropped by, saw him after almost a decade!

..while i was finishing Death on the Diagonal this afternoon, an official ride having guys who wore army-type clothing stopped in front of our house. Then a man in uniform stepped down and entered through our gate without knocking. I almost stood up to ask what he wants or why was he here or who was he. But then, when this guy as almost a few steps from our door, Papa recognized him as my cousin - the son of his late brother.

And then I realized that he was indeed Kuya Dos (Ramon Villa II). He said that they accompanied Congressman Antonino, whom I saw later on the prime time news.

Well, I thought they were some kind of an army or something like that.

Dad came out to talk o him and my brother called my Aunt so she could talk to him as well.

I'm now an incoming 3rd year college student, and I think the last time I saw him when when i was only Grade IV. Around 9-10 years had passed. We had a graduation picture of him kept somewhere (inserted in a photo album, i guess). And maybe that pic is more than 10years old now. But i know his facial features haven't changed much. He still looked the same. Cute, round face. Always with a smile, like Uncle Ramon.

His comrades also stepped out of their vehicle and talked to Papa and Auntie as well. They just had a short chat. Good thing, they passed our house on their way back. That gave him the slight opportunity to drop by.

He also gave me his number (maybe Papa said so) but i think it's good have a contact with a cousin whom I haven't spoken yet, actually.

After a while, they bid goodbye and continued their way home.

Well, Pop was indeed happy to see him. Even for a while.

" Sometimes...'ll never know the true value of a
until it becomes a

a message from my chum.
it's true.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Breaking Dawn: round 2!

After reading this book twice, this in the first time that I would write something about this endless vamp love story.

Er, I don’t know where to start. There’s just so much to say.

After all the strife to be together, finally Edward and Bella managed to get married – a really grand one since Alive took over this event. Then they had their honeymoon at Isle Esme – an island which is a gift from Carlisle to Esme. They allowed the newly-wed to use the island as much as they wanted. And yeah, they did it. The first one left Bella terribly bruised (and the furniture too) but she insisted on doing it again. This time, it’s better because they already knew what to expect. Haha.

After a couple of weeks, the unexpected happened. Bella was delayed. So they rushed their way back to Forks. Carlisle examined her and confirmed her pregnancy. Oh no!

They really didn’t know that this was possible at all. Edward wanted to get IT out of her but Bella wanted to keep him. They tried everything to convince her about it but they failed. Edward even asked Jacob to try, but he wasn’t good enough to persuade her as well. During these days, they’ve done researches about her situation, hoping to find solutions.

Due to this, they were now in danger - the Volturi. They didn’t understand what’s happening.
What’s inside Bella was killing her already. It grows really fast up to the point that it broke some ribs and her pelvic bones in just a matter of days. She was calling him EJ – Edward Jacob – and said it would be Renesme – Renee + Esme – if she would be a baby girl. They just couldn’t detect her gender but Edward can hear what she was saying even if he’s still inside her. And that thing inside her already loves her. Bella is becoming weak. Her body is rejecting all the nutrition they’re giving her. So there was another idea – feed her blood. This might be what the baby wants.

And Bella would do anything for the child – even if drinking blood is the only way – a preparation for being a blood sucker, she said. Shockingly, the taste of blood doesn’t seem bad for her at all.

The time came. She felt that the baby was coming out. It almost ripped Bella to death. She felt a burning phenomenon. She underwent deep pain while trying to save her baby. At the very instant, the Cullens tried their best to keep Bella alive, or existing. Edward done the procedures expertly – a do or die situation.

And it was a baby girl. Renesme. All throughout, Jacob has been with them, plus Sam and everyone. They are allies now. Bella had been asleep for days and woke up as a new-born vampire. She saw Edward and touched his hand – surprised that she didn’t felt cold. Only then that she realized that they share almost the same body temperature now. She’s now immortal.
She looked for her baby and they said that it’s not a good time to see her. She might hurt the child due to her condition. Rosalie and Jacob take turns on carrying the baby.

(Fast Forward)

Because Alice saw something about the arrival of the Volturi in their place to check the child a little more than a month after she had given birth, the Cullens thought of something they could do. They tried to contact as many covens. This is the same moment that Alice left them – maybe on a mission or something – maybe to escape. This made Bella terribly sad.

Many of the expected vampires arrived and Nessie showed them that the Cullens didn’t break their promise of not creating an immortal child; that she was half-mortal, half-immortal; that her heart beats and she grows; that she was conceived by Bella while she was still human and that Edward is her biological father.

Nessie showed them the truth, well, most of them. Some just don’t want to go near her. Theywere just there to stand as witnesses and to fight the Volturi, if needed.
They realized that Bella possessed so much control over herself. She can hold her child like a normal mom. Renesme has her own talent as well – when you look into her eyes, she can tell you something, or maybe SHOW is a better word, like what you need to know and what she feels. She hadn’t even lost her feelings, but she is definitely stronger now. She also discovered that Jacob imprinted on Nessie – as he calls her. She just couldn’t believe it!

In preparation, they also trained themselves in case the Volturi won’t listen. Bella also want to take part so she was trained. This was the part where they discovered that her power was to be a shield. That’s why Edward can’t read her thoughts. So they tried to train her to project this power. They tried to see if she can protect other people aside from herself. And it progressed. After days of training, she can now project a seemingly elastic shield up to a distance of 10 feet.

The day came. They lined in the place where they would meet. They negotiated with the Volturi. Carliste. Aro. Edward. It was a peaceful talk. Unexpectedly peaceful. Bella used her power and protected her family and everyone with them. Good thing the ones on the other side couldn’t see this shield because another one in their group deceived the eyes of those on the Volturi’s side.
Aro requested for Nessie and saw in her eyes that she was not really an immortal child. No need to argue about it. No need to fight. It was just a false alarm from Irina, which was punished by death from flames. Her sisters (on the Cullen side) couldn't accept what happened to they tried to seek revenge. Good thing they were stopped by the vampires with them.

But there was still a question. Since the baby was growing rapidly, how will her life be? She’s just barely a month old but she already looks like a couple times older. Plus her mental ability develops really fast as well. This was where Alice entered the scene having two companions with her. The young boy explains it all. He was also half-human, half-vampire; ripped her mom to death, like what her sisters done with their moms as well. He was around 150 years old now (sorry, I’m not really sure if I remember the right figures) but he stopped growing at a certain age.

So everything was clear now, the Cullens could have Nessie. She would grow for some more years.

One by one, their visitors excused themselves and headed home. They were now at peace, even with the Volturi. Edward and Bella and Nessie are all alive, er, existing happily together forever. They were now relieved. No one will bother them now. They’re back in their house in the forest – a birthday gift for Bella from the Cullens – and began their forever in each others arms. A true happily ever after.
Such a very long story. Stephenie Meyer really did great in this one. Nice twists. Really thrilling. Many things happened unexpectedly. Everything fell perfectly in their proper places. Bella to Edward, and Renesme with them. I’m just sad the story has ended already. Well, it really hasn’t but I’m still hoping some more. But the story really made me feel every emotion until the end. I have no regrets on buying the books. I’m just hoping that the future movies would justify what was written on the book, hope they would never fail me.


I don’t know why, but I couldn't’t get myself to sleep last night. Maybe because of the temperature – it was raining hard when I decided to rest. I tried to have my share of the blanket from my soon-to-be-11-year-old brother. He was sound asleep. Snoring.

I said my prayer. I closed my eyes. It’s all black now. Void.

I thought I was asleep. I looked at my phone, 3:15am. I realized I hadn’t slept yet. I tried to relax my mind. The clock is ticking. I can see some light from the corner of the room. I just can’t.
I looked at my phone once again. Five minutes before 4:00. Early morning. Everyone’s gonna be up soon and I haven’t got my sleep yet. I still hadn’t been in my dreams.


No I’m not. I just don’t know. This happened very rare. And I hate it. Sleep. Sleep. Damn it, you need to sleep now. I was irritated. I closed my eyes again and remember nothing after that.

upon being strong...

A message was sent to be by a friend, and just wanna share it to all. Actually it's just a simple sentence but i found it really meaningful.

"You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

I'm not really sure of the exact words but I guess I got the thought. Hope you are also enlightened by this one.

BREAKING NEWS: next week na daw ang star ng classes!

Sabi ng nakachat ko sa MSN and facebook kanina na isang alumna ng UPB, si Ate Mitch, classes are suspended daw. So ang start na daw is on June 16...

Totoo daw. She said it was announced by CHED a while ago - nationwide daw - due to the Influenza A(H1N1) virus. Gosh!

I'm not really sure kasi di pa ako nanunuod ng TV and i'm not sure kung happy ako or hindi...

Longer vacation for me pero sayang naman ung rent sa boarding house...haha..




Sana na lang totoo..

ulan na naman ng ulan dito!

I just can't handle this. Malapit na start ng classes. I'm still here in Tarlac. Back to Baguio the next day (*sobs*).

Ang ang nakakainis pa, ulan na lang ng ulan. Ok lang sana kung nap time eh. Kaso hindi, you can't almost see the roads and pavements dry! As I'm always saying, I just hate he rain! Well, debatable naman kaso most of the time ganito talaga ako. Alam 'to ng friends ko. Ganito talaga ako mag-react. Naiinis ako kasi nalulungkot ako kung umuulan.

Feels like I can do nothing good.

Rain, rain go away...
Come again another day...
Or don't bother to come at all,
or at least don't cross my way please...


Friday, June 5, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman

After being my "break-time book," I finally finished reading all the short stories on Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors. It’s just so nice to read his creations. He’s just one of the most unique authors of today. His creativity sent me to another realm of thoughts – somewhere to a new dimension.

I guess, his style of writing really helped in drawing attention and loyalty to millions of his readers all around the globe. He’s just unpredictable. His words just work without question.
His style of giving his compilation of short fictions and illusions their sad endings is a rare thing – rare thing to really look good at all – that’s why I like him.

And some tales are open-ended, leaving you with your imagination to fill the last part with whatever you like. Some stories made me question why?, and some made me just as mad. But in the end, I can’t believe that I liked a particular story that way.

He’s just good at it. Can’t explain how good, how brilliant, how great. I’m totally out of words. Then I began to appreciate the value of specificity in everything – which even what seemed to be nothing at all can be of real interest, indeed.
Hope to explore another world with Anansi Boys – another book of his. I just began reading it after Smoke and Mirrors. And I’ll update you about it soon.

XIAN LIM -- my long-time crush, finally on lead role!

After waiting for something big to happen, good thing ABS-CBN gave him a break by making him one of the lead actors of their new show - KATORSE - with Erich and EJ.

He's been one of my crushes a couple of years now. I think he started as a teen model.

I really prayed that he would make it in this industry. So now, being a member of the Star Magic Family, i'm hoping to see him more often.


I know he's one of the hotties to look forward to this coming season.

And i know he can prove to be good at it -- not just a cute face, but someone who bears the talent to be a star,..

Good luck XIAN...


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HOW YOU LOSE: gave me more boredom that expected

This is the last book i finished reading. A creation of J. C. Amberchele.

Actually, it was just an easy read but it turned out o be webbed with lives of people connected to this one and that - all happening at different time frames.

The story is such of someone with twisted faith.

Melody remembered the day when someone - Alex - entered their house looking for a safe. He asked Melody and her father about it but both denied the existence of any of its kind in their property. After this, Alex, masked with something, only revealing his deep, blue eyes, pulled the trigger which instantly killed Me;'s dad and left her skull wounded. He didn't knew she was still alive. His brother took care of her until she was well enough to go on her own.

Mel continues her awful life, having nightmares and lots of questions in her mind.


She traveled in different places and began to write a book. She met a lot of people.

After 13 years, she decided to visit Alex. Many things had changed. The times had passed but the memory lingers still.

She went to ask Alex about his intention (knowing beforehand that he got the wrong house, it's not their house that had the safe) of killing them. Despair? Fear? Anger? She also knew that Alex couldn't talk (since he was a child, after his father beat him). She didn't know what to do. After her monologue, she decided to leave. But before that, she looked Alex in the eyes and saw a pale, blue aura in him. The eyes that shown her exhaustion over the strife for surviving.

She went home.

Still incomplete. Still incomplete.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

enrolment's done...=)

I woke up around aga..i can't believe i just made it. After using the heater and finished preparing the stuffs to wear, I took a bath and finished in 15minutes. I dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and walked to the school.

We were in a queue to get our clearances...

The office opened. i got my clearance and found out that i had an accountability in the dorm. Gosh! Our building is really, really sort like "underworld" in the university because there's this 'abortion stairs' which we first need to pass through. Well, it's easy the way down, but the ascent is hell. Still, my friend, Jenica, and I rushed our way out to proceed to the dorm. We waited for about 10mins. and paid something at the office there. Now back to the school.

A very long, crowded line of Juniors could be seen when we arrived. Of course, we were almost at the back. The line hadn't moved yet. This is for the CRS results for the admission.

After this, another stop in alone of the rooms for advising. In less than 3omins. I got my turn. I raced to the JL Auditorium to get 2 more subjects only to find out that what i was looking for were both closed. Good thing i saw a friend who as about to cancel his Econ 106 slot and gave it to me. The pother subject, Hum 1, I was able to enlist due to the teacher's prerogative (but i needed to proceed to the CAC building first). I was so tired.

Then, i filled my Form 5 and went back to my adviser, Sir Toto. And up to the Audi again. I had my subjects checked and assessed. Then paid at the cashier. Then got my class cards.

I was able to finish all the processes before lunch time. So i was able to go home to Tarlac on the afternoon.

So, my subjects for the coming semester are:

  • Econ 106
  • Econ 121
  • Econ 141
  • Psych 180
  • Hum 1
  • Media Studies 11

All subjects scattered from Tuesday to Saturday. Hoping this sem would be great as the previous ones.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baguio-bound again..=(

..oh no!!
In just a few minutes, I'll be going back to Baguio again to get prepared for my enrolment tomorrow. I still don't wanna go. But i need to get my things from the dorm and carry them back to my boarding house.
Another 5 hours of travel. Hope to catch a bus as early as possible. I still have to go to the university to get mt clearance and ask my scholarship bracket.
Wish me luck!