Monday, June 8, 2009

Police cousin dropped by, saw him after almost a decade!

..while i was finishing Death on the Diagonal this afternoon, an official ride having guys who wore army-type clothing stopped in front of our house. Then a man in uniform stepped down and entered through our gate without knocking. I almost stood up to ask what he wants or why was he here or who was he. But then, when this guy as almost a few steps from our door, Papa recognized him as my cousin - the son of his late brother.

And then I realized that he was indeed Kuya Dos (Ramon Villa II). He said that they accompanied Congressman Antonino, whom I saw later on the prime time news.

Well, I thought they were some kind of an army or something like that.

Dad came out to talk o him and my brother called my Aunt so she could talk to him as well.

I'm now an incoming 3rd year college student, and I think the last time I saw him when when i was only Grade IV. Around 9-10 years had passed. We had a graduation picture of him kept somewhere (inserted in a photo album, i guess). And maybe that pic is more than 10years old now. But i know his facial features haven't changed much. He still looked the same. Cute, round face. Always with a smile, like Uncle Ramon.

His comrades also stepped out of their vehicle and talked to Papa and Auntie as well. They just had a short chat. Good thing, they passed our house on their way back. That gave him the slight opportunity to drop by.

He also gave me his number (maybe Papa said so) but i think it's good have a contact with a cousin whom I haven't spoken yet, actually.

After a while, they bid goodbye and continued their way home.

Well, Pop was indeed happy to see him. Even for a while.

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