Friday, June 26, 2009

Robert Pattinson shoots "Remember Me"

What keeps Edward,... oooopss... Tyler, I mean, busy lately?

It's his upcoming movie "Remember Me."
And he's still hot as ever!
(But sometimes i feel he's not actually that cute... just the bandwagon effect.)

Rob still looks rather relax for someone who was just attacked by a mob of screaming fans last week and later hit by a taxi. On no!!!!

Street fight scene.... Ouch!

Seems like his role here is far too serious from his role as my Edward. Now, he's shooting at the urban side in the New York set... very much different from the cold and unlikely weather in Forks. Haha....

Go Rob!!!
Make this movie another hit!

Remember Me? Oh sure, I always remember you... even in my dreams!

(Pictures from omg!)