Tuesday, June 2, 2009

enrolment's done...=)

I woke up around 5:30am..wow..sobrang aga..i can't believe i just made it. After using the heater and finished preparing the stuffs to wear, I took a bath and finished in 15minutes. I dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and walked to the school.

We were in a queue to get our clearances...

The office opened. i got my clearance and found out that i had an accountability in the dorm. Gosh! Our building is really, really sort like "underworld" in the university because there's this 'abortion stairs' which we first need to pass through. Well, it's easy the way down, but the ascent is hell. Still, my friend, Jenica, and I rushed our way out to proceed to the dorm. We waited for about 10mins. and paid something at the office there. Now back to the school.

A very long, crowded line of Juniors could be seen when we arrived. Of course, we were almost at the back. The line hadn't moved yet. This is for the CRS results for the admission.

After this, another stop in alone of the rooms for advising. In less than 3omins. I got my turn. I raced to the JL Auditorium to get 2 more subjects only to find out that what i was looking for were both closed. Good thing i saw a friend who as about to cancel his Econ 106 slot and gave it to me. The pother subject, Hum 1, I was able to enlist due to the teacher's prerogative (but i needed to proceed to the CAC building first). I was so tired.

Then, i filled my Form 5 and went back to my adviser, Sir Toto. And up to the Audi again. I had my subjects checked and assessed. Then paid at the cashier. Then got my class cards.

I was able to finish all the processes before lunch time. So i was able to go home to Tarlac on the afternoon.

So, my subjects for the coming semester are:

  • Econ 106
  • Econ 121
  • Econ 141
  • Psych 180
  • Hum 1
  • Media Studies 11

All subjects scattered from Tuesday to Saturday. Hoping this sem would be great as the previous ones.

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