Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HOW YOU LOSE: gave me more boredom that expected

This is the last book i finished reading. A creation of J. C. Amberchele.

Actually, it was just an easy read but it turned out o be webbed with lives of people connected to this one and that - all happening at different time frames.

The story is such of someone with twisted faith.

Melody remembered the day when someone - Alex - entered their house looking for a safe. He asked Melody and her father about it but both denied the existence of any of its kind in their property. After this, Alex, masked with something, only revealing his deep, blue eyes, pulled the trigger which instantly killed Me;'s dad and left her skull wounded. He didn't knew she was still alive. His brother took care of her until she was well enough to go on her own.

Mel continues her awful life, having nightmares and lots of questions in her mind.


She traveled in different places and began to write a book. She met a lot of people.

After 13 years, she decided to visit Alex. Many things had changed. The times had passed but the memory lingers still.

She went to ask Alex about his intention (knowing beforehand that he got the wrong house, it's not their house that had the safe) of killing them. Despair? Fear? Anger? She also knew that Alex couldn't talk (since he was a child, after his father beat him). She didn't know what to do. After her monologue, she decided to leave. But before that, she looked Alex in the eyes and saw a pale, blue aura in him. The eyes that shown her exhaustion over the strife for surviving.

She went home.

Still incomplete. Still incomplete.

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