Thursday, March 26, 2009

so, so, so tired...

...i went to the city this afternoon to deposit some money..
the sun was striking its painful hot rays...
i felt really warm...
after depositing, i went to Tarlac State University to get the exam results of my brother,,
then i went to the mall...

my skin is getting darker even though i'm using my Totes umbrella.,..
from the mall..
i made my way to the main street...

then to Far East Trading..
i bought tiny beads which eventually popped into jelly-like gaudy spheres when soaked for a few hours in the water...really nice..
then i looked for a place to buy some other stuffs,,,
i rode my way to the terminal home,,
Good thing, i accidentally bumped with a friend..
an elementary and high school classmate..
we chat with each other while waiting for a ride...
she told me updates about some of our friends,,,
It's so nice to see an old friend again after a long time,,,

I went home exhausted..
yet happy for what had happened...
so nice to bring back the memories,,,,indeed,,..

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