Tuesday, March 3, 2009

an innocent brave heart

..yesterday, while we were doing our NSTP at Fort del Pilar Elementary School, inside the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) premises, we were asked to teach Grade I pupils. It's actually my first time to handle a very
young and playful class like these. Most of then are ages 6-7.

We were asked to read then short English stories and we had given quizzes afterward.

It's a little bit difficult to teach them because some are not paying attention; one of the smallest kids in the room was so noisy and he even 'bullied' most of his classmates despite our presence; some boys kept on running and running and screaming all around; and at every point, there would be someone crying - I didn't know what to do.

But one girl caught my attention - Phyllis Aguilar. I asked her why she was crying and then her classmates around her told me that she was English-speaking. I was surprised. I thought all of them talks Filipino. Then using my English tongue, I began asking her the reason of her tears. At first, she seemed to decline talking but then, she said that Kassle, her seatmate, was teasing her. So i told her to ignore her classmate and just focus to we can proceed with our lesson.
And then, she began whispering something with her soft voice. I moved closer to her so I can hear her better. She was wearing a black pin on her dress.

She said that she's irritated because Kassle was teasing her, telling some sort of things as they were exchanging their papers. She also said that before, it was a long time that her father was unable to talk and move like normal. His father just recently died. She told me the date and even wrote it on her paper. I comforted her and whispered that I was sorry to hear the sad news and everything will be fine. She replied that she was ok since she still have her mom and 3 other siblings.

I indeed adored her courage to keep on moving forward despite her age.
I was so amazed - a young child with a fighting soul of her own.

After the class, we collected their papers and asked the assigned cleaners to stay and clean the room. Phyllis approached me and stated that she was one of the day's cleaners.

She left the room with a smile on her face. Hope that as she grow old, she would have a stronger spirit to survive the following challenges on her life. I believe this is a good start, and she would definitely be able to surpass every trial - no matter how difficult it will be.

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