Saturday, March 14, 2009

so hectic...i can't even breathe's Saturday...the sun hides behind the clouds - this-makes-me-sad-sad-sad.
we have no classes.
but it's more demanded to go to school today.

We have our class practice for PE2 - Dance Aero.
You know what happened?
  • I came first
  • Not even a half attended
  • We practiced at Sunshine Park where we were bathed with smoke (eeew! so annoying because i just took a bath!)
  • We learned just a few steps
  • We dismissed early
  • Nothing so much was gained
Today is the scheduled day of thesis defense of my graduating orgmates and friends. I'm so sad I can't watch them because I still have lots of things to do. And one thing more, I'm only wearing shorts. Though it is ok, i still feel that i should have worn anything more formal for the event. =(
Right now, i'm here at the university library (AGAIN) to find more reading materials for my exams. Library hours is extended up to 7 in the evening. I still have to do research for our experiment. I need to do my auto-shaping for my Psych140 class. Our Behavior Modification Program (BPM) group project is still hanging.

I have more than a hundred-page reading to get done til Monday.
So pathetic.
Wish i am a superhuman...
But i know i can.
It's not my attitude to give up easily.
Yes, i can!

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