Saturday, March 7, 2009

encounter with my ultimate crush - YAEL!!!!

...while spending time here in the library yesterday afternoon, i got the chance to chat with Yan Yuzon (from the bands Pupil and Archipelago)... I was asking him when will they come back here either with his another band - Archipelago - or with his brother Yael. He said that Yael was just right here at Baguio City.

After the short chat, I hastily logged out and got my things. I rode a jeep to Melvin Jones Grand Stand just to know that they were not performing there (what a waste!). It was past 5pm. I walked my way up to Session Road where its length was covered by various booths and stalls from all over the country in line with the celebration of Panagbenga 2009 - it was "Session in Bloom."

I made my way and saw the stage being arranged by a production team from Smart Buddy. There was also a banner saying that Sponge Cola and the Bloomfieds were performing by 7pm. And so I waited. I waited alone.

At first there were few people waiting but when it was almost 7pm, the population grew fast!

I was just so irritated because the show started almost 8pm and i was hungry. My last meal was a brunch around 10 in the morning.

The event first started with a couple of games then the Bloomfields. It was such a very long performance. I wanted to seat and the people around me kept pushing and pushing all over. I just hate the crowd.

After more than an hour, they ended up their performance - thank God!
Unfortunately, it's time for another round of games...

And there came the most awaited moment!
time to rock the stage with SPONGE COLA - Yael, Armo, Gosh and Wendell.
Everyone was cheering their lungs out!

I've been silent for the whole time but this is the right moment to scream and cheer for my Yael!
Yael is undeniably the best of all!
I just can't stop cheering and jumping in my place after he came out from the backstage wearing nothing but a jacket and shoes from his favorite brand - Adidas..
He was so handsome, so appealing! That's why many girls are so, so crazily in love with him..!

I'm really glad to see him with a new haircut. He definitely looked more handsome now! With his white and smooth skin, his very powerful voice and with just his presence in the place, I just cant deny the feeling of being so much into him. I can't put my eyes off him even for a while.

I just love his voice. And I actually love his band even from the start.
He's just so awesome.

He knew how to entertain the crowd. When he stepped down the stage, he circled the fence for his wild fans and extended his arms for some kind of a contact. Luckily, I has the chance to touch his arm even for just a few seconds....oh, I really didn't want to wash my hands afterward.

They performed a few songs including KLSP, Tuliro, Di na Mababawi, Makapagtataka, Bitiw, Pare Ko, Pasubali, Puso, Sana Maulit Muli, Closer You and I, and many more... I, together with all the people out there sang with him.

On one part of the performance, Yael also sang a few lines on Francis M.'s Kaleidoscope World to give tribute to him, to thank him for all his help and to pray for his soul. He was teary-eyed that time. He bent to wipe his tears and stood up with a smile trying to cheer his crowd. Oh, it's the first time I saw him cry.

But generally, the performance wrapped up so well. So fabulous!
I didn't want the night to end. I wanted this time with Yael to be for eternity...
I just really, really love him!
I'm hoping to see them again perform soon.

Please don't say that he was overrated. This is just how i feel.

By the way, Armo was cute as well.

Gosh is my idol when it comes to song composition.

Wendell did great on his drums (he replaced Chris Cantada, the former drummer due to health reasons).

All are very talented - bound by friendship and passion for music.

And as YAEL, my love, said,
"Keep the fire Burning!"

So be it.

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