Friday, March 6, 2009

the death of a star - Francis M.

...while in this school library about an hour ago, i received a text from my blocmate which really shocked me...Francis Magalona is dead..

i didn't know if i woulds believe this one until i received another message.


my mind was unsettled.
my heart began to race.

i can't absorb the news - or i just don't want to take it.
for another moment, we lost a great star in the showbiz industry - the master rapper; an epitome of kindness and courage... he is an ideal model for the youth and all; a responsible father and a loving husband; a friend you can run to; someone who treats you as his equal; he was the one who bridged many people's dreams. he is a picture of hope and he shares this character to everyone - even in the distance. he is a person of wit and good personality - one of the best in the Filipino scene.

he even made his own mark with the brand - 3 stars and a sun, from the Philippine flag- which is dedicated for the refueling of the nationalistic flames in the heart of each Filipino.

after being diagnosed with leukemia, he readily had his treatment sessions with the guiding support from his family, friends and millions of fact, many of them even donated their blood for him.

i thought he was recovering. they even planned to have a collaboration between him and ely buendia and i was so excited about this.

this is a really, really sad day not just for me but for the entire country. sure thing the Philippines is praying for him and his family.

I'm also praying that he may rest in peace and now live in the kingdom of our Heavenly Father. he deserves to be there, he always has.

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