Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Humanities Final Presentation class pictures!!!!!!

October 18, 2009

Bulwagan Juan Luna,

University of the Philippines


Humanities 1 - JX

evaluation time

comments from the class

class picture with Sir Popoy

pictures galore!

classmates / friends up the stage

parang walang nagbago...

haha...wacky daw..!

These pictures were taken during Sir Scott "Popoy" M. Saboy, our instructor in Humanities 1, was giving his evaluation for our final performance which was a stage play, by the way. Good to say that he said that what was performed was not what he expected, but we surpassed his expectation.

It was such a crazy class...but we really learned a lot. About reading, about exploring and seeking something more...

I won't ever forget this class...

It's more than just a class, it's a family....


  1. masayang alaala ang mga pictures na iyan..masarap tingnan kapag matanda na na minsan nagkasama sama kayo ng mga kaklase mo ganun na pagkakataon..

  2. wow! ang saya naman! ang saya talaga ng college life ^_^ i like your wacky picture..hayz..namiss ko tuloy mga friends ko nung college =(

  3. I can see that you really had fun! Congratulations Bea! :)

  4. happy for you guys!