Friday, October 16, 2009

Doing better now...

..At last, roads are more or less fixed...(or passable at least)..
thanks to everyone who prayed.

Food supply is once again becoming stable. Yet, some prices remain relatively high due to what happened. Many of our faculty and the university administrative staff went off on a Relief Mission to the affected areas after collecting and packing the relief goods to be distributed.

What I'm, facing now is my dilemma on all of my exams, papers, presentations and other requirements. I'm having an exam tomorrow morning in Econ 121 (Monetary Economics). Then the rest of the day would be spent in class practice. On Sunday, we will conduct our final presentation on our Humanities class. On Monday, I have my Econ 141 (International Economics) exam plus another paper due.

I hope I would be able to go home on Monday of Tuesday.
I really wanna go home.
I miss the food, the sleep, the Internet, everything about my home.

But before that, I wish my trip home would be trouble and danger-free.
I'm still scared of how the main roads look like.
Another batch of prayers for this.
Thanks guys!

(Sorry I wasn't able to reply on comments. Academic obligations first. Thanks! )


  1. Glad that Phils is starting to pick up the pices left by Ondoy.. Will continue to pray for you!

    By the way, if you have time pls vote for my daughter..

    I am trying to generate some support for our daughter. I entered her into a Smile Contest, so if you could please vote for her (just once), the contest runs until October 31st. Your vote would be so much appreciated. To cast your vote, please go to this link. Please look for Jillian Rylie Cottrill. Thank you very much for your help!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog.i am a cousin of your dad.keep up the good work.You seem to like school and that is good.Stay safe.auntie cely

  3. Don't worry things will gonna be okay.. just a challenge for you, but i can say you are good enough.. you can make it!

  4. @chubs...
    but bringing the pieces back is obviously a lot harder..
    thanks for the prayers..

    sure...i'll vote for your kid!

  5. @auntie cely...

    hanks for appreciating my blog..i old my dad about your message and he said that yes, you're his cousin..nice meeting you po..hope you take care always!

  6. @tim:

    Thanks always for the support...
    i guess i did it!