Monday, October 12, 2009

AT WORLD"S END Part II: Here in the North (Baguio)

...After what happened in Manila, another devastating event occurred on the Philippines. After Ondoy, Pepeng made another fearsome memory for us. Especially for us here at Baguio City (and the Cordillera as a whole) and many other northern and central Luzon regions like Tarlac (my home place), Pangasinan, Ilocos and Isabela.

The heavy rain and strong wind caused many provinces to sink not only in flood but with a thick mass of mud as well. Many landslides also occurred here at Baguio killing hundreds of people.

Classes were suspended until Wednesday by the City Mayor I think. But when I entered our university, tons of donated clothing and other stuffs. The bad thing is that rescue operations are a bit difficult due to the serious damage of the roads.

Another problem that we're facing here is the food shortage. People are being in panic because of what's happening. Prices of good like veggies also tripled even in the market. My housemate said that some food stores at SM are closed as well.

But my biggest problem is my way back home. The Kennon Road is the only passable way so far, but only light vehicles can pass. Hope they can fix Marcos Highway and Naguilan Road soon. I wanna go home and take some rest. I've been planning my sembreak since last month. But if they won't be able to fix the road, I guess I have to stay here longer. It's better that way than risking my life.

By the way, one instructor in school, Sir Ben Muni, and other friends helped some affected areas here at Benguet. He said that it was totally disorienting. Good thing, they were able to raise around Php25,000 yesterday so they were able to buy some cavans of rice, medicine and other basic needs. He said that there was an overflowing clothes donation and at this time, rice and medicine and blankets are what the people need. Some areas, he said, are difficult to reach but they were still trying their best.

This is such an devastating event. Why is this happening to us?
Hope there would still be more help for those who really need them.
Let's pray for our other countrymen.
And hope this thing won't happen again.


  1. mahirap ipaliwanag ang mga nangyayari ngayon na kalamidad..grabe ang mga baha na nangyayari..parang di na ordinaryo..epekto na siguro ng tinatawag na climate change..

  2. Things happen for a reason but we don't want to think that we are being punished. We're going through this because He knows that you can handle it and that it will make you stronger.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your predicament but I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you. I saw the news on TV today and they're saying that basic goods should begin flowing in Baguio tomorrow.

    Just stay where you are, it'll lessen the chances of getting in danger. We'll pray for you and everyone who is going through this.

    Take care Bea.

  3. my prayers are with you...
    Hope everything will be okay.