Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sembreak officially started!

The bus I took yesterday began it's trip by 12:30pm. After my Econ 141 exam, i packed my things and off i went. On the bus, I met Ate Joy, a 4th year psychology student at PUP, and we began chatting the whole trip. And I bet you she's so nice, inside and out. We even exchanged numbers.

After saying goodbye, I stepped down and went directly to our terminal where my brother fetched me.

I arrived home by 5:20pm (my brother stayed at the park to buy something, he said) and saw my dad at the back of the house.

I slept peacefully for the first time after this semester.

I woke up (or rose, rather) past 9am... took sopas as my breakfast, then read Veronica Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho (which I bought a few months ago, hope i could also watch the film version of it!), ate lunch, read, slept, read again, helped my mom with the laundry stuff, ate dinner then used the Internet by past 11pm.


this is what i missed!

Life without rules (much rules i mean...)...

Hope my break would just be fine....

and not over before i knew it!

I'm just starting to have fun!



  1. wow, life without rules huh... that is awesome, and thanks God you are safe going back home! make the best out of your sembreak

  2. @tim:

    hope o make hye most out of this break...
    time to get loose!
    thanks tim!

  3. good for you dear...sembreak na pala jan...dito iba kasi ang namin is december....dito kasi 3 sem...4 months....

    hope you have a great sem your brain for awhile...have fun....salamat pala sa dalaw at sa comment.....ingat!

  4. sulitin ang sembreak! at thanks naman for passing by my blog. i really appreciate your comment.

  5. @ate dhemz:
    thanks also for dropping by..
    i was just busy in school that's why i wasn'tt able to visist much..

    hope you also have the rest you need!
    take care always!

  6. @B.

    no prob..
    i adore people who stick to what they feel and who they think they really are...
    you're one of the "real" ones..

  7. @Arvin:

    hopefully i would have the break that i wanted!

  8. how long is your semestral break? 2 weeks? students are looking forward to sembreaks and school vacation.
    hope you gonna have a relaxing and joyful weeks

  9. enjoy your sembreak!

  10. wow sem break....yan ang gustong gusto ko nun college...
    gala gala with friends or family naman me kapagka ganyan sem brk.
    enjoy your sembrk girl ^_^ ang sarap ng life pag sembrk anoh girl ^_^