Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goodbye sembreak... Hello 2nd sem...

I traveled back to Baguio last Monday so i will still have time to rest that night. And oh hell, I really felt sick during he 4-hour ride.

By Tuesday morning, Jenica and I went to the school to get our clearances. And it's a good thing to see that both of us didn't have school accountabilities.

We had an early lunch that's why around 12:15 pm,we were back to school (Juniors were scheduled to enrol in the afternoon ).

This was what I've been through:
  • Admission

  • Advising (matagal kasi and daming inadvise ng adviser namin)

  • Getting Form 5

  • Back to our adviser

  • Checking and Assessment (ang haba-haba-haba na pila!!)

  • Payment (ok lang kasi madaming representatives)

  • Queue for Classcards

  • Final line for ID stickers (saktong inabutan ako before the closing time)

Ayun, 19 units...

I'm still feeling nervous about my thesis proposal. Hope to handle this semester well.

So yesterday afternoon, I travelled back to Tarlac for a few more days of rest before another sem of academic battle.I'll be travelling back on Monday. Class starts on November 17. Oh no. The days are flying. Prayers are deeply appreciated. Thanks!~


  1. wawa ka naman pala... pero di bale at least mukhang nakatapos kang mag enroll... by the way like ko yung song dito sa blog mo... hehehehe

    ingats at mag aral ng mabuti.... hehehe wag kang gagaya sa akin... pag pray din kita palagi... hehehehe... ingats ulit sis

  2. kaya mo iyan..19 units lang pala, hehe..ikaw pa na magaling..good luck lagi sa iyong pag aaral..

  3. @saul:
    hehe..songs pa nga to nung summer eh..tinamad lang ako magpalit..haha

    thanks..yes, dapat talaga mag-aral ng mabuti...nakakakaba na talaga yung subjects ko eh..

    hehe..kaya natin to,,ingats din pareng saul!

  4. @arvin:

    pero di sisiw samin yung 19 units..mabigat na yun...hay...

    kaya to!

  5. kaya mo iyan..isipin mo na kaya mo para mo is for your own good..ok..

  6. thanks!
    believe and it will be...
    tama nga naman...

  7. hehehe, naku talagang school na, and students were being so busy with their studies, hope you will get the higher grade! expect it!