Thursday, July 23, 2009

poems or not? beginning to study poetry in a deeper sense...

My Humanities class a few hours ago was just alright. We had a quiz, some discussions and group activity.

We were divided into 8 groups where a piece of literature to identify as a poem or not. All of which are presented to the class in the form of a song (kasi kantanga naman), music videos included. The pieces are:

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?... Peter Seeger (our piece)
Kaleidoscope World... Francis M.
Colors of the Wind... Lea Salonga
Journey... Lea Salonga
Heal the World... Michael Jackson
Angels among Us... Alabama
In the Name of the King..
I Need a Hero... Bonnie Tyler

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for our presentations so we just had our group discussion and we will be presenting next meeting. At 2:30, class ended.

I think our group had a nice discussion. Hope the reporting would be nice as well.


  1. good luck to that and i hope you have fun :)

  2. go lang sa poetries...

    nice songs ang selection nyo ha.!