Monday, April 20, 2009

physics 11 first long eXam....

i tried to review 'til past midnight my lecture notes in Physics together with the heavy Physics book i borrowed from the library. i also opened my mail and saw that Sir Ian already sent me the copy of the past lessons. unfortunately, i wasn't able to have it printed because it consumed 12 pages and it cannot be copied perfectly on MS Word - some figures and illustrations cannot be pasted and the equations were all scrambled up when i tried to copy the whole lecture.

good thing my notes are quite clear and complete - i think so.

i woke up early to get prepared.
i arrived 20 minutes before the time... so early.
Sir Lem took charge in giving us our exam... no problem with me.

the bad thing was that the test paper and exam sheets which were distributed are all color brown (and the paper seems to be in bad condition) and the words were really blurry (and there were horizontal blank lines which made reading more difficult). i was able to finish the exam but i'm not sure if i got them right. another thing is that some questions weren't discussed (like the topic on Conservation of Momentum).

just hoping to have a passing mark.
i'll try to do better next time.

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