Friday, April 10, 2009

a friend from abroad called..

a Malaysian friend just asked for my number last night and i really didn't expect that he would seriously call after that.. Around 10 pm this night, he just called. I wasn't able to answer the first one because my cell phone was in silent mode and it's battery was wearing low.. At first, i wasn't really sure who was calling me and then he texted me and asked it id was really my number. I replied and said yes, asked him to call me if he can.. and he really did.

We just had a short conversation since the line was choppy and i can't hear some of his words, but i guess we understood each other more or less with accuracy.

He actually sounded like a Chinese, which really shocked me because he was an Australian who was born in Iran and is now at Malaysia..what a world tour!

We bid goodbye and he said he would call me sometime "later" - i don't know precisely what that means.

After putting down the phone, he texted me to go online so we could chat but i read the message late because i took a bath first.

Hope he would call soon...

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