Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camp John Hay Eco Trail for PE2 summer class

i woke up early this morning to prepare for the first meeting of my PE class (Outdoor Recreation). when we arrived in our room, Sir Florendo just started discussing our course outline.

after a few more words, he said that we could have our break for around 20-30 minutes before our first activity - we will be travelling be foot to Camp John Hay to finish the Eco Trail located there. i was really surprised by this early announcement. i was only wearing a sleeveless and a jacket on top, with my tight skinny jeans and posh flip flops...O-M-G! i wasn't even prepared for a walk. i thought that since this is the first day we were only about to submit our class cards to him. but since this was the class that i enrolled, i have no choice but to agree on whatever our Prof's decision will be.

After a few minutes, we gathered to the main entrance of the university and then we began to get moving. i walked with my friend Jenica who is a resident of the same dorm i'm staying in as well. we knew each other since first year and we've been classmates in most of our subjects the previous sem. another good this was that both of us wore the same type of clothing - at least may partner ako...haha.

we reached the gate and began the trail. the grass is wet due to the rain last night; the ground is muddy which made our descent more 'dangerous' since we were afraid of slipping here and there; the frogs are all noisy... making our trail more irritating for me. but despite all these, i really loves the scene - the tall pine trees, the dew on the leaves, the rays of the sun trying to penetrate through the woods, the imbalance between the coldness and the warmth in the trail.

i also enjoyed a number of bridges (hanging and wooded ones) which we passed in order to get to next place, which ironically Jenica hated the most. she even cried at the sight of the first hanging bridge we were about to pass.

it was almost an hour of ups, downs, curves, and skips before we were able to be on the main site. yes it was exhausting... really exhausting...

we rested for a couple of minutes and then started our way back...
oh no..
not again....

the sky is gray with heavy clouds...i'm really afraid it might rain.
oh i hate the rain!

so when Sir told us that we are dismissed once we finished our way back, we hastily get on our feet and walked as fast as we can with the most careful steps we were able to make.

another draining hour of walk.
walk. walk. walk. climb. descent. here and there.

this time, we were more relaxed since we already knew the path.
we were also able to take a few pictures even in the hanging bridge.

(midway, i saw a crab around 3 inches long. i tried to move it and saw it was alive indeed. i was shocked to see an orange crab on the woods... i even told my other classmates about it before moving forward. Sir Florendo saw it as well and said that one classmate took it with him...haha)

well... it was such a nice experience... though it really made both my feet tired. this is my first time to travel that trail and it was fulfilling for me.

hope for another crazy adventure from this class...
most especially, looking forward in going to Sagada before summer class ends...

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