Friday, February 13, 2009

love story

Genre: International
Artist:Taylor Swift
This song came out when the rumors that Taylor broke up with Joe Jonas.
i actually don't know the real story behind their affair, and i don't care either.

Anyways, this song flew its position so easily on all music countdowns since its release.

I know the concept is not unique but i liked it. I think it's cute. Taylor is undeniably so pretty and her partner looked close to Joe on the first scene (just trying to relate things here).

It's a Romeo and Juliet love story. The lyrics are simple but are nice to the ears. The tune is also good. Really suited for Valentine's Day.

One thing more, their settings are really great. Especially the “mini” castle. It's really romantic. The production did it well. Her voice fits the song perfectly. Just love it!

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