Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Foggy Valentine's Day

Last Feb.14, Valentine’s Day seemed to be nothing more than an ordinary day for me, most of my friends, schoolmates and orgmates.

I had a pile of laundry in the morning and went to school after lunch.

But foremost, my day started with flooding text messages from 3 kinds of people – those who are in love, the bitter ones, and those who don’t care. Well, in return, i also send my message to all of them.

As for most of my friends, they recognized this as SAD – Singles’ Awareness Day, or BAD – Biter Awareness Day. So cool!

After getting my assigned readings from the university library, i went to court A to watch the ongoing basketball games.

By 5pm, the scheduled game between ComSci@up.bag (our org) and ACS began. It was a hot fight. The opposing team scored first.

It’s getting dark. The team need to hurry to catch with the scores. After 4 quarters, by the blessing of God, an overtime was announced due to a tie.

Everyone’s getting hotter. It’s so intense. We are cheering hard for our players and with pure skills, good thing they won! This calls for a celebration.

A few minutes of drizzle.

It’s so foggy up here.

I’m freezing with just wearing a blouse, short shorts and flip flops. Blame me.

The org decided to eat out and have a “shot.” As usual, i declined. I really wanted to go with them but i think the weather hindered me on going. One thing more, i don’t have a company when i have to go home. And as i said, it’s cold. So i said goodbye and we had our separate ways.

When i reached our boarding house, i asked my housemates if they wanted to celebrate even for just a while – t say that at least we enjoyed the day. Pathetic.

Since we are all uncommitted, we – Tin, Renee, Abiel and I – decided to walk our way to Burnham Park.

There was a big event going on. Lots of people gathered around the area – families, lovebirds, group of friends - it seemed like we were the only ones “loveless” in town.

Since it’s also a season of Panagbenga – the ever famous Flower Festival of Baguio City – a market encounter can be visited at the vicinity. Lots of stalls from all-over the country selling different kinds of goods. And the diffusing aroma of the foods made our tastebuds crave..hmmmmm...

Also in the middle of the lake was a grand theatrical production. It’s very nice. I really love it. The “Phantom of the Opera” was the theme of the night. The costumes are well prepared. The artists did well. The voices are really astounding. The lights and effects were perfect. It was a high-cost production, obviously.

It’s getting warm. The crowd made me feel suffocated. I’m hungry so we decided to eat, except for Renee. We ate one footlong each. After the sight-seeing, we decided to go home.

By reaching our place, we decided to celebrate some more. So we bought an all-in-one pizza in a restaurant near us. We ate and took pictures... and and took pictures until we were full, exhausted and sleepy. Splurge to the max!


Oh i remember, a few of my couple friends told me it’s sweeter to go on a date r celebrate love on ordinary days – unplanned, more surprising. Another said (while hugging her girlfriend) it’s Valentine’s everyday for them. And i definitely agree.

The essence of this occasion is now with flowers, cakes, chocolates, dinners. Not the occasion itself but the attitude towards it. We can feel it’s a Happy Heart’s Day everyday if we want; if we celebrate with the right people who appreciate us with the simplicity of life; if we believe we can be happy indeed and if we remember this occasion with the Lord. As simple as that.

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