Friday, February 13, 2009

a sense of moving on...

As a student, most of the time a lesson is being specifically ended then the prof says something like, "..ok class, let's move on.."

I just saw its correlation to our daily , normal lives. Most of the moments, we are hearing the topic of moving on from those whose relationship just concluded; and more often than not, the broken-hearted ones feel like that heavens just fallen onto them...hay...

But i believe, moving on is more flexible when it comes to feelings and related evens.

Generally, moving on is gathering your strength after a fall - may it be the tiniest thing or the most difficult task you can imagine. Or it could mean choosing another path you think will give you more space for individual growth and freedom. Somehow, it is taking yourself back.

A for the classroom setting, moving on from one topic to another is indicative that after the previous lessons have been taught, we still need more knowledge and experience in order to endure nd be better off.

Life is an accumulation of everything. Moving forward means a higher level of understanding and inner strength. After passing through the initial stages, life says that it is now time to walk into a path wherein we never set foot before. This is a new episode; the symbol of a higher self-identification and perseverance giving yourself a chance for an upturn.

But it has its own processes that we must follow. It is unique for everyone. We must discover the steps ourselves so we can follow through.

We must face the reality so we won't be static. Moving on allows change which is a healthy and has always been a "given" part of our existence.

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