Tuesday, November 17, 2009

first day of class...

...woke up around 7:30 am... ate some breakfast... put some warm water on my bath and there i went. I dressed up, wore my Chucks and prepared myself. Ready to go...

My first class was Soc Sci 197. Our Prof, Ma'am Lelet, just introduced herself and gave the requirements for the class. It was also an SOP during first days to give our classcards, and that was it. We were dismissed early.

Next class will start by 1 pm. Econ 171.

So i have to go and eat some lunch first.


Since class just began... there would be less time for blogging.
Oh no...
*sad face*


  1. how was the first day in school again? do you meet new faces? new friends and teachers?

  2. it is okey if you have less time for blogging..just study hard..naaalala ko tuloy ang noon ay nag-aaral pa ako..

  3. anyway you can still write blog. it is just time management.. relax!

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