Sunday, August 30, 2009

the best thing to do...

A text from a friend says,

"All suffering is caused by being in the wong place.
If you're unhappy where you are...

Tama nga naman. Baka kasi minsan, pinagpipilitan na lang natin isingit ang sarili natin sa posisyon sa di na tayo kailangan or sa lugar na dapat wala naman tayo. It would bring much pain if we insist ourselves and try hard to do things that don't demand our help.
On the other hand, meron pa namang mga instances that we really need to push ourselves to show to others what our point is; for them to see that our presence is important as well.

Let's just try to weigh the situation.
Think twice.


  1. hi dear thanks for the visit...have followed your blog as well...salamat!

  2. tama dapat talaga magiisip ka muna bago ka magdesisyon..dahil sa buhay walang rewind puro forward lang..Ü

  3. @dhemz

    thanks to that...
    looking forward to the friendship..!

  4. @superjaid

    i agree...
    puro nga tayo forward lang..
    dapat super careful...