Tuesday, December 15, 2009

birthday blessing

Oh..the last time i blogged was the 1st of this month...and we're going midway now...

Well...many things happened but i just want to share the most important things that occurred.


Well, i didn't actually had a plan of celebrating my birthday that's why I decided to join my organization (Economics Society) for an outreach program at Shepherd of the Hills Children Foundation at Camp 7, Baguio City.

The children over there were either orphans or the ones whom their parents are unable to raise anymore. This is a safe and nice place for them.

This project was a joint project of EconSoc and ISIP (Integrated Students in Psychology). We brought some food and played some games to make the most out of this event.

And after that tiring but memorable experience, we went to McDo and had some Sundaes and Fries... It was indeed a day worth remembering.

Before the day ended, my mom and my brother had a surprise visit for me. We went out that night and watched the fireworks display at SM. Then my mom cooked some food for me and my friends at my boarding house as a post-birthday celebration..

So so nice!


  1. you know what, i just remember my life in my alma mater before. it is very wonderful to reminisce it. and the cackle of my classmates reminds me of my struggle to get a higher grades. whoah, kinda tiring, but it is fulfilling. so awesome to think that we survived each day, beyond the fact that we always complaining about our subjects and all the stuff that bother us. but anyway, going back to school is all i wanted to do, hope i can do it next year.. godd luck for your future.

  2. tiyak di mo malimutan ang 19th birthday mo kasi diyan ka nag celebrate..hehe......ok rin ang ganyan kasi kahit paano nakihalubilo ka sa kanila..good luck lagi sa iyo..

  3. oh my...looks like you guys had a blast.....great memos to treasure...thanks for sharing the photos dear....

    glad to be here..thanks sa dalaw at comment...ingat!

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