Friday, September 25, 2009

finger art...

I found these pics interesting so i posted it on my page. These were commented on me by a contact on Tagged.

This just show how talented and creative people are. We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves through art. And i think is is one nice shot!


  1. hello, i was really amazed with the wonderful thing that you have!!! are you the one who did it? wow, awesome..!!!! very great... interesting....

  2. nice pictures!!!
    it's really an art. amazing!!!

  3. @ tim:

    like what I've said, i just posted these pics because they were sent to me as a comment by my friend from,..

    hope i could also do such things!

  4. yeah you can such things.. hehehehe.. hey by the way about my grammar i am sorry, if i made a mistake. just have some mental dis order.. so i guess i forgot most of it.. but trying to make it senseful..

  5. them all...this is awesome...people are very creative and artistic in every way...thanks for sharing dear.

  6. @tim:

    sure thing....
    you can freely add me...
    it feels good to know that many people want to "befriend" someone..
    thanks for asking by the way!

  7. @dhemz:

    yes indeed!
    people are learning ways on becoming more creative over time!
    good thing you likes it!